For each legal entity and/or brand you have added to RunMags, you can edit content and style of the headers in proposals and invoices. 

Go to Admin >>> RunMags account.

Then go to the tab named Companies and brands.

Double-click the company or brand you want to manage.

In the window that opens up, scroll down to the section for shown in the image below.

Type in the company and address information you want on proposals and invoices in reporting line #1 through #6. Line #1 will be bolded.

Optionally, upload a logo for your company or brand. Preferably, this should be a transparent PNG file that is about 300 pixels wide. A transparent PNG is going to print well on both paper and as PDF.

Click Save to close.

To see what it's looking like, navigate to a client under Ad sales >>> Organizations. Go to the Deals tab and view a select to view a contract. You should then see something like the following image.

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