With RunMags, you are entitled to export your data and discontinue your subscription as you please. We'll surely miss you (boohoo for us), but if you have found a solution that works better for you, we will honor our data liberation policy and help you extract the data you'd like from RunMags.
It may also be so that you simply need to export data from reports or use client data in another software. In any case, it's your data and we'll help you use it,

Where can data be exported?

In pretty much every search form or grid in the system you'll find an Export button in the lower right corner. In the example below we have navigated to the Contacts tab under Organizations and then we have clicked the lower Search button to search for contacts. We have also set a filter to search only for contacts working at organizations that are customers. If you don't set a filter you'll export ALL contacts in the database.

Click the Export button and save the file to your hard drive.

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